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Like something out of a movie... directed by James Cameron, of course. This week we talk about Asteroid mining. Call 206-339-8992 to share your best finds.

Asteroid Mining
Eve Online
New Puzzle on 3ds
The Shapes at CD Baby

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This week we go from the awesome, to the awkward. Which - truthfully - is ALSO pretty awesome. Hey, why not call me at 206-339-8992. And then send a contribution to the gang from AWKWARD EMBRACES. Seriously, go do it. I've got all night.

Vivid Musings
Swap - DOT COM !!!
Watson and Jeopardy
Awkward Embraces
Awkward Funding
The Legend that is - ZELDA
Buffy Between the Lines
What happened, Spidey ???
The Shapes at CD Baby


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Tron is out, and the Boy and I have seen it. Was it worth the time and the cash involved ? You will only know if you listen to this week's show. Jingle my bells at 206-339-8992 and let me know what's transporting YOU to the grid this holiday season.

Tron 1.0
Tron Legacy
Nutty Bites Podcast
Dave's Disney View
Flynn's Arcade
Tron: Where's the %$#^ DVD ???
Tron Toys
Details on the Quorra costume in this week's album art
The Shapes at CD Baby


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You always worry about viruses taking out your hard drive. Well this past week, one took ou my plai ole motivation and drive. But I'm back on track and so this week I wanted to share an old favorite and a new find, too ! Jingle my bells at 206-339-8992 and let me know what's keeping YOU on track this holiday season.

Merry Christmas from the Heartbreakers
Awkward Embraces
GGN Podcast
Disney Indiana
Girls Rules Podcast
GI Joe Renegades
Polar Excursion
The Shapes at CD Baby


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Podcasting power to the people ! This week I share your thoughts on recent topics. Call the Geek Acres Hotline at 206-339-8992 and let me know what you'll be watching this Fall.

Noise for Electric Cars
Gutter Skypes Podcast
MEW on your DS
Barely Podcasting
Happy 25th NES
NES on Wikipedia
Flying Island Press
Geek Survival Guide
The Shapes at CD Baby


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Its turning colder at Geek Acres and that means we'll be staying in and relishing lots of geeky TV. Thank goodness for new seasons of Chuck and Smallville. But not before heading out to the amusement park for some physics. Thanks for your continued participation ! Call the Geek Acres Hotline at 206-339-8992 and let me know what you'll be watching this Fall.

Summer time for Chuck
Hatcher on Smallville
Coaster geekery
Amusement Park Physics
Knoebels Grove
Exaflop hole in China
Think Geek Pizza Cutter
Barely Podcasting
The Shapes at CD Baby


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One show away from 250. And so I share your thoughts with an all voicemail show. Call the Geek Acres Hotline at 206-339-8992 and let me know what's geeky fun where you are.

First Pluto, now Triceratops ?
Dave's Disney View
Mur's Heaven
JC's Clones
The iPods on Amazon
The Portable Gamer
The Shapes at CD Baby


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Yes, I know I botched the album art.  AGAIN...  I have tried to re-load the file.  Let me know if you actually get #117 with art.  K ?  Thanks ever so much.   - Doug
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I just couldn't sit on this, though I may mention it on the show, too.  Find a listing of numerous "Christmassy" cities here.  They will post your holiday cards and letters to add a but more holiday flare !
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Four jobs I have had in my life:

                   [Rapson, Doug] Summer Camp Groundskeeper

                   [Rapson, Doug] Traveling Performer

                   [Rapson, Doug] Chinese Bus Boy

                   [Rapson, Doug] Radio Station Costumed Mascot

Four movies I would watch over and over:

                   [Rapson, Doug] It’s A Wonderful Life

                   [Rapson, Doug] When Harry Met Sally (Mr. Zero knew…)

                   [Rapson, Doug] Die Hard (Yipee-Ki-Ay)

                   [Rapson, Doug] The first Spiderman flick

Four places I have lived:

                    [Rapson, Doug] Hatboro, PA

                    [Rapson, Doug] Bloomsburg, PA

                    [Rapson, Doug] Sunbury, PA

                    [Rapson, Doug] Lewisburg, PA

Four TV shows I watch:

                     [Rapson, Doug] Ghost Hunters

                     [Rapson, Doug] Chuck

                     [Rapson, Doug] Dirty Jobs

                     [Rapson, Doug] Firefly

Four places I have been:

                     [Rapson, Doug] Devil’s Tower (saw no spaceships)

                     [Rapson, Doug] Tiajuana

                     [Rapson, Doug] Ocean City, NJ

                     [Rapson, Doug] Disney World

People who e-mail me (regularly):

                     [Rapson, Doug] Steve

                     [Rapson, Doug] Zach

                     [Rapson, Doug] Charles

                     [Rapson, Doug] Some bank executive in Nigeria(wish he’d stop)

Four of my favorite foods:

                    [Rapson, Doug] ANYTHING Italian

                    [Rapson, Doug] General Tso’s

                    [Rapson, Doug] Those caramel creams

                    [Rapson, Doug]  Strawberry fruit smoothie

Four places I would like to be right now:

                   [Rapson, Doug] The Magic Kingdom

                   [Rapson, Doug] Epcot Center

                   [Rapson, Doug] Disney’s Hollywood Studios

                   [Rapson, Doug] In bed (all that park hopping makes a guy sleepy)

Things I am looking forward to this year:

                    [Rapson, Doug] Paying off two vehicles

                    [Rapson, Doug] Thirtysomething, plus

                    [Rapson, Doug] More fun from my fave podcasters

                    [Rapson, Doug] Time with my family

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