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New Agent of Plastic ! This time its for the Bronies. Leo and Doug look at the Funko Mystery Minnies for MLP Series 1 !

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One of Doug's favorite Transformers from a few years back... Alternators Meister is the reimagined Jazz. He may not be the classic Porsche, but this re-imagined Mazda is still pretty slick.

Thanks to American Heartbreak. Pick up their music here !

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You can't take the toys from me ! Today we look at the Dark Horse Deluxe Serenity ornament. Not so much shiny, in that its gray with paint accents. Then again its VERY shiny, if ya know what we mean.

Thanks to American Heartbreak. Pick up their music here !

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Agents of Plastic... Our second Dog Days of Podcasting outing. Today we open a blind bag from GI Joe Micro Force Series 1. Listen in and let us know about your favorite blind bag at

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Today Doug takes a look at the SDCC exclusive Lego Batmobile. He also offers up two Polybag alternatives.

Burtonesque Polybag

Tumbler Polybag

By the way, our theme song is The Last of the Superheroes, by AMERICAN HEARTBREAK. Pick it up here. Email the agents at and talk to us about your favorite Batmobile.

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The debut episode of Agents of PLASTIC. We talk about all of the toy lines that we are excited about. This first time out we talk about Transformers, The Lego Movie and its figures, and GI Joe. Aaron, Shane, Doug, and Leo want to hear from you. E-mail us at

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JC Hutchins, author of the 7th Son series, is back. And this time he's brought 33 friends with him. Listen up, to see how you can get in on the ground floor of The 33.

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2013 is in the can. So what was cool ? Well, I'll tell you. And after we get through some goodies from the last month or two, we'll look ahead to 2014 and what that means for Geek Acres. Call me at (804) 410-4335, or 804-410-GEEK, and tell me all about YOUR gaming (or plastic) obsession.

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