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Lego Brickapalooza. This week we take a look at two small kits. Fun to pick up, hard to put down. Call me at 206-339-8992.

Pixel Dan and the Lego Batmobile
Lego Batmobile
Leo's You Tube Channel
Minifig Series 9
Star Trek Into Darkness
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Welcome to Jurassic Acres. This week the Boy and I went to see JP3D. How do the dinos stand up 20 years later ? I'll tell you. AND, we check in with that skyrocket which is the Veronica Mars Movie. Call me at 206-339-8992.

John Williams and the Dinos
Veronica Mars shatters records
Another Kickstarter wants your 2 million dollars ?
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Episode 350 of Geek Acres. What a strange and wonderful ride it has been so far. This week we talk about GI Joe, offer more on wizard world and let you know about another Kickstarter in the making. Call me at 206-339-8992. Did I mention extra special feedback ?

Retaliation Review
Wizard World Philly
Jason David Frank
This is Madness Tornie
King of Arcades
Veronica Mars Movie
Minifig Series 9
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