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Merry Christmas, and thanks to Leo for helping out with this week's episode. Give a Christmas Kickstarter miracle a shot ! Y'all are the best Christmas gift, a guy ever had. All the best to you and yours...

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This week, its a bit of a return to roots on Geek Acres. We talk about podcasting legends Mur Lafferty and JC Hutchins and what they have in store this holiday season. I also bring back Strange But True for a week. And I tell you what I hope to see under the tree before asking you what your geeky desires are. Call the voicemail line and sound off at 206-339-8992. So glad you stopped by for this week's show.

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Leo is back for another Blind Bag Review. This week we check out Nitro Mites. Call us up on the voicemail at 206-339-8992 and sound off on these super-cycles !

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This week's Post-Sandy episode ! The lights are back on !!!

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This week on Geek Acres, I fill you in on the NJCC. Tell you about Universe Blaster and Fireburst Prime. Just who is Spittor ? And what, exactly, am I enjoying about NBC's Revolution ? Also... Gotta give props to my fantasy football nemesis, Barely. He is winning. For the moment. Call the voicemail line 206-339-8992 to sound off on your geeky finds.

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On this week's show I seek your help to make a Transformers Kickstarter, a success. AND, I tell you a story of Facebook and bullying, with an ending you might not expect. Call the Geek Acres hotline this week to tell me about your latest geeky finds. The number is 206-339-8992 !

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The FDO rises and the Kingpin falls. Its been an interesting week or two. Call me at 206-339-8992. Have no fear, true believer ! The toys shall be mine.

Pandemic Sneak Peek
MCD Kingpin Interview
NJCC Figure Revealed
NYCC Guests
Fleaflicker Fantasy Football
Philly Retro Con
501st Carida
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Fall is a fun time especially when there's football mayhem of a geeky flavor, and plastic crack on the horizon. Call me at 206-339-8992. Have no fear, true believer ! The toys shall be mine.

Sigler Invasion Conquers East Coast
MVP is Shipping Now
NJCC and its Plastic Crack
Hello, gorgreous. Where ya been all my life ?
Fleaflicker Fantasy Football
Brave Men Run SEQUEL !
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On this week's show I am immersed in the boob tube. I have been watching Hell on Wheels on Netflix, in addition to Collection Intervention and Toy Hunter. Dial me up at 206-339-8992 if you have checked this good stuff out, too !

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Massive Props to Pixel Dan, Jtrain997, and Legojang this week. As we round out our summer reviews. How's YOUR summer going ? Shoot me an e-mail or send over a voicemail at 206-339-8992 ! Have a great week, y'all.

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