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GI Joe and Spiderman on the big screen, and the Twilight Zone in the pinball hall. This week's show hits up these topics and grabs your feedback ! Call 206-339-8992 to share your geekiest finds.

GI Joe 2 Bumped Back
Kelloggs and Spidey
Spidey Site
Avengers on Facebook
Augmented Reality
The Shapes at CD Baby

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This week we talk Avengers. Why not ? The rest of the world is talking about it. Most everyone is saying great things about it. But a few aren't so happy. We'll talk about that, too. Call the voicemail line this week and let me know if the Avengers has primed your geek pump for the rest of the summer's offerings. Dial 206-339-8992 !

And if the movies aren't enough to get you excited, are you listening to the hot new audio fiction from Zach Ricks ? I hope to have the author of Battlehymn on the show real soon.

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Taking some time away from my recently acquired comic books. Some good - Star Wars/Serenity. Some not so much - Animal Man I'm lookin at you. How'd you make out on FCBD ? Or did you hit up The Avengers instead ? Give me a shout on the voicemail at 206-339-8992 and talk to me.

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