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Apple recconsiders its cables. I've got a great book to fill you in on. And Mickey shares the magic at your next Disney gathering. Dial 206-339-8992 to sound off on this week's topics.

Apple losing its current connector?
Android Hot and Heavy
Invisible Justice
Kingdom Keepers
Brave Men Run
Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
Sorcerers Video
The Shapes at CD Baby

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They are worse than Cabbage Patch, and when I should be working on defeating levels and bosses, I'm actually out chasing Skylanders. This week I talk about the quest for plastic. Call me at 206-339-8992. Have no fear, true believer ! They shall be mine.

Activision Less than Three Skylanders in a Big Way !
Holiday Triple Play at TRU
Worth their weight in gold ?
Win Skylanders from Toy Fair
Galley Table
Download The Shapes NOW


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Podcracing in 3D and concept cars on our streets. What do these two things have in common ? We won't see much of either one in 2012. Call 206-339-8992 to leave feedback on this week's show.

3d podrace goggles
Lexus Concept
Avengers Trailer
The Shapes at CD Baby

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Geeks love their toys. Call the hotline and tell me what decorates your desk. 206-339-8992

Stitch Yoda
Smack and Yak Ramon
Recycled Robot
Red Alert
Burger King Bart
Violet, The Incredivles
Hot Wheels, Ground FX
The Shapes at CD Baby

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