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Chasing the plastic, at conventions and in your hometown. PLUS, Firefly as an 80's show. Call me at 206-339-8992. Excited about all the geeky goodness in this week's show !

NJ Jungle Hiss
Polar Sharc
Overpriced TF Threesome
80's Firefly Makeover
Solar Crisis
Barely Podcasting
The Shapes at CD Baby


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Real life intrudes ! Heaven forbid. Shorty this week, but I chit chat about geeking out with my fam and friends. Why not tell me what you're doing to share your geek with thew world at large ? Dial the hotline at 206-339-8992. I wanna know. So tell me, already !

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Planet of the Apes continues to rule the boc office with an iron fist. And I blast through some movies over at Netflix. Call me at 206-339-8992. Hope you have a good week, my fellow geeks !

Apes rule the box office
Arbor Day
2011 Fall Lineup for Sci Fi
NJ Collector's Con
Nutty Bites
The Shapes at CD Baby


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Womanthology and the 2nd Dimension. What's not to love, right ? Call me at 206-339-8992. We're building up some fun this week.

Phin and Ferb CRUSH the 2nd Dimension
Phineas and Ferb MP3 on Amazon
Quarter Share on Podiobooks
Soul Surfer
Pawn Stars
The Shapes at CD Baby


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This week's episode is a lil bit Deep Dark and a whole lot handheld gaming. Let me know what you think. Dial 206-339-8992 to sound off !

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