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More anime this week. I'm going to the plate for ya. Call me at 206-339-8992 to share your favorite geeky finds.

Strike Witches
Convert to Mobi online
Tuff Luv Guardian
Medge Eluminator
Oberon Covers
Barely Podcasting
Tuff Luv Covers
The Shapes at CD Baby

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Happy Father's Day. We've got fun things for dads (and moms) and their kids this week. Maybe. Call me at 206-339-8992 to share your favorite geeky finds.

Gurren Lagann
Book Surfers
Heroclix Checklist
TF3 and Megan's Replacement
Christian Ebooks and Bibles
America's Got Talent
MASH podcast
The Shapes at CD Baby

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Lazy Doug is lazy. No show notes this week, although I have talked about a good many of these topics in the last month or two.  So if you really feel an urgent need to search out more info on these topics, the details are not far. In the meantime, call me up at 206-339-8992 to wish me a belated birthday or to chastise me for yet another late show. I swear I will try and do better this summer. Have a great week and thanks for checking out the show !

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I can't even believe that I am pondering seeing Dark of the Moon in theaters. This week I spell out just why. Call me at 206-339-8992 if you feel that an intervention is in order.

Revenge of the Fallen
TF3 Trailer
Nimoy as Sentinel Prime
Frank Welker returns to TF Glory
Nintendo at E3
The Last Guardians
PvZ on Nook
The Shapes at CD Baby

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Memorial Day weekend means Balticon is here once again. This year, Sci Fi author AC Crispin debuts her new Pirates of the Caribbean prequel, The Price of Freedom. Call me at 206-339-8992 to let me know which is more noteworthy.

Official site of author AC Crispin
The Price of Freedom, a POTC Prequel
Ann Crispin on Wikipedia
AC Crispin on Writers Beware
The Paradise Snare
AC Crispin on Goodreads
AC Crispin and the Trek Reboot
The Shapes at CD Baby

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