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This week we take a look at Netflix and Gamefly. Plus, a robbery that basically thwarted its own badguy. All thanks to some cool technology. Call me up at 206-339-8992 and let me know what the cool tech is that you love these days !

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Wonder Woman and MIGHTY Mur !!! Plus, I dish on Justice this week. Hey, why not call me at 206-339-8992. Its time to get heroic on Geek Acres.

Where is my SUPER SUIT ?
Finding that balance for Wonder Woman
Ms Lancaster, your jet is ready
Mur Lafferty kick starts the afterlife
Hey Everybody, wanna buy an e-book ?
Are you ready for some SMASHMOUTH football ???
Time to dish out some serious Justice
The Shapes at CD Baby

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The Boy is back for another Lego Review. This time out, its Security Smash from Lego Racers. Hey, why not call me at 206-339-8992. We're building up some fun this week.

Security Smash
Lego Antenna
Lego Racers
Lego White
The God Conspiracy
Security Smash Video
3ds Review
The Shapes at CD Baby


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What's up with you ?  This week I talk about some of the things I am investing my time in.  And I start to get excited about the annual Balticon DS Breakfast.  Wanna come and play with us ?  Look into Balticon now.  Then call me up on the voicemail line - 206-339-8992 - and let me know you'll be coming !

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The Shuttle and a new Pokemon title both launch this week. Hey, why not call me at 206-339-8992. And then send a contribution to the gang from AWKWARD EMBRACES. Seriously, go do it. I've got all night.

Prepping Endeavour for Space
Aquarion on Netflix
Aquarion Anime
Pokemon Black and White
Awkward Funding
Brave Men Run
Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss
The Shapes at CD Baby


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