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This week we go from the awesome, to the awkward. Which - truthfully - is ALSO pretty awesome. Hey, why not call me at 206-339-8992. And then send a contribution to the gang from AWKWARD EMBRACES. Seriously, go do it. I've got all night.

Vivid Musings
Swap - DOT COM !!!
Watson and Jeopardy
Awkward Embraces
Awkward Funding
The Legend that is - ZELDA
Buffy Between the Lines
What happened, Spidey ???
The Shapes at CD Baby


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Vulcans, and frogs, and feedback - oh my. Hey, why not call me at 206-339-8992. Happy Valentine's, y'all.

Star Trek Live
Mad Science
Nimblebit's Pocket Frogs
The Shapes at CD Baby


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Sorry guys.  Bit of a bug has the family on the ropes. New show next week...  promise.  In the meantime, shoot me an e-mail or call me up at 206-339-8992. Hope y'all are staying healthy.

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This week I sit down with The Boy to talk about Lego Agents: Gold Hunt.  Along with the review, I also wanted to remind pokefans everywhere to go and pick up Pikachu and Suicune this week.  Give me a call at 206-339-8992 and let us know what you thought about the review.

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