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Just a reminder that we've got some serious audio fun in the pipes.  Give some love to the following folk, so they keep sharing their genius with us:

Nocturnal by Scott Sigler

Playing for Keeps by Mur Lafferty

...and this bit of insanity from Indiana Jim.

The weather's turning colder (at least...  here in the States), but the content is getting hotter.
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I'm a maniac, maniac, on the floor. Call in your dance tips to the hotline at 206-339-8992.

DDR Konamix
DDR Supernova
Sigler's Nocturnal
Laptop Giving
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Its business as usual, with some fun and geeky finds. Call in your hits and misses to the hotline at 206-339-8992.

Plugged In Online
Hogan on Gladiator
Stealth Geek
Four Word Film Review
Deperate Husbands
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Kicking off year 3 with personal time with Sturgeon and MA. Back to the usual format next week. Call in your hits and misses of the fall season at 206-339-8992.

Ghost Rider
Klingon Word from the Word
Riding with the Window Down
Metamor City
Gaiman's Sandman
Sturgeon's Law
Better Late Than Never
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I know most of you are already fans and regular listeners of Steve Eley's fantastic podcast, Escape Pod.  But if you have not already listened to EP126, you need to.  The Sweet, Sad Love Song of Fred and Wilma is a fun bit of escapism.  It is rated X for sexual content, and I understand that.  But its not graphic.  Certainly not for younger audiences, but a fantastic story, none the less. 

So many of the weekly offerings are fun.  But I don't think I have enjoyed an Escape Pod offering this much since EP015, Hell Notes.  Do yourself a favor, and be sure to check out The Sweet, Sad Love Song of Fred and Wilma.
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Wow...  Two years over and done with.  Who's up for a third ?  Woo HOO !  For the next two weeks I'll be talking to some fellow podcasters.  They certainly have some cool things to say, and may even have some dirt on yours truly.  This week, I chat with Lynne Gryphon.  Phone your thoughts into 206-339-8992.  As always, my friends...  thanks for making Geek Acres a part of your week.

Lynne Gryphon, Renaissance Woman
Lipstick Aliens
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Geek Acres: The Back 40

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