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This week has a bit of this and a bit of that.  For example, we delve into my Fantasy Football record and give you a suggestion what you might do with that Metal Gear collection of yours.  Give me a shout at 206-339-8992 if you have suggestions of your own.

Extra Points FF
Knight Rider
Indiana Jim
The Shapes
Geek Acres, the Back 40
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I hear from my college roommate and the new TV season is upon us. Call in your hits and misses to the hotline at 206-339-8992.

Pitzer You Tube Student
New Five Dollar Bill
Spoofing Discovery
Spider Fan
The Nut Gallery
Riding with the Window Down
PMC Top 10
Deperate Husbands
Geek Acres, The Homepage
The Shapes at CD Baby


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Episode 101 has hit the pipeline with a little help from my friends. Thanks to all who submitted material for this week. There is a lot of You Tube, but don't feel compelled to watch it all. Call the hotline at 206-339-8992.

Transformers Animated
The Rappist
Learning from You Tube
Up, Up, and Away
The Nut Gallery
Geek Survival Guide
Wicked Good Podcast
Deperate Husbands
The Sci Phi Show
Geek Acres, The Homepage
The Shapes at CD Baby

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Not much in the way of links this week.  95% of the stuff I have linked to in previous episodes, so just scan through and you will find it here.  So yeah, no links, but much thanks.  Thanks to the podcasters who were at Podcamp Philly, who taught me and were just generally awesome.  And much thanks to every one of you who has listened, and listened, and listened.  It just means the world that you take the time.  So whether you have called in, dropped me an e-mail, left a comment, or WHATEVER...  Thanks for sharing the Geek Love.  And stay tuned.  Still trying to get show 104(Year TWO !!!) all cinched up.

The one link I think I need to do for Geek Fit can be found here.  I'll be posting pics to my Flickr feed and the Back 40 as I have time.  Have a fun week.

Geeky Regards...  your bleary-eyed host
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Transforming goodness and some ups and downs from Sci Fi. Stan-Oh-Stan what were you THINKING ? Call the hotline at 206-339-8992.

Logitech 250
Darth Star ?
G1 Redux
iPhone, or not iPhone ?
Word Puzzle
Wicked Good Podcast
Deperate Husbands
Stealth Geek 2.0
Geek Acres, The Homepage
The Shapes at CD Baby


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