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Episode 42. You could see it coming from a mile off, right ? Dial 206-339-8992 if you need to have it explained.

Douglas Adams
HHGG, the Online Game
Hitchhiker's Motion Picture
One man's opinion
Ultimate HHGG
Who Wants to be a Superhero
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From blogging to Butchers. This week's show is chock fill of Geeky goodness. And only HALF the carbs. Call me up and say hello. 206-339-8992 are the magical digits that allow you to do just that.

Bagged Blogger
Pop Star Paris ?
Pern, baby, Pern
E-mail... so old schoool
Candy Butchers
Cinema Now. Download, and burn.
Emma and Pete Show
Geek Acres, the Website
The Shapes


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Net Neutrality and Dark Angel, Digital Billboards and what your car says about you. All of this, and some funky, funky music. Call 206-339-8992 for Geeky Satisfaction.

Digital Billboard
Where does YOUR Senator Stand ?
Its Tubes Song
Dark Angel
Car Humor
Geek Acres, the Website
The Shapes


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This week's show is a smattering of Geek, some sweet summer tunes, and a tale from the farm. Thanks for sticking with the show through the sultry months of summer. Let me know what you think via e-mail, or by calling the hotline at 206-339-8992.

LED Watches
Apple's Flat Panels
The Finkelsteins
Virus Hit Parade
Geek Dog Tags at SR
Bin There: Hot Shot
Geek Acres, the Website
The Shapes


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I have used the Libsyn "scheduled release" on numerous occassions.  Each time with no problems.  So I have no freakin' idea what happened this week.

Honestly.  The show has been in the hopper ready to roll.  I dunno.  Regardless, sorry about the mid-week release.  If anything, I should have just put it out EARLY so I knew it was done and available.

Its like I tell users at the job site.  Computers are a wonderful thing...  when they WORK.  *sigh*    Show 39 is expected to be released in a timely fashion, barring technical SNAFUs.  Now you know...  etc, and so on.

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Do podcast addicts get little white earbud tanlines ? Anyway, we take a look at podiobooks this week. Also podsafe music. REALLY ? And, there's a little matter of that Spiderman film. Call me and share your glee. My spider sense says that you should dial 206-339-8992 right now.

7th Son
Brave Men Run
Spiderman 3
Ghost Rider
Brother Love
Adam Curry
Two Girls, A Guy, and a Handgun
Geek Acres, the Website
The Shapes at CD Baby


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