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This week on Geek Acres its more fun from Shawn. Gonna have to make this guy an honorary data wrangler. Then there's the wackiest item on Ebay. Plus a Star Trek Auction, Alias, and more pirate tales, YAR. All of this plus a suggestion that I may have erred... thought too much... made it too simple, that now its complex. To straighten it all out, you'll just have to download this week's episode.

Spray Art
Star Trek Auction
Fort on Ebay
MTVs Urge
A Pirate's Sixpence
As Yet Untitled Podcast
Geek Acres, the Website
The Shapes


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This week on the show I continue to obsess over Second Life. We also talk about dancing on the Internet, the re-release of Star Wars - yet again, and Sony's overpriced console. Plus feedback both foreign and domestic. As always, you make the show worthwhile. Thanks for doing the download.


Evolution of Dance
Second Life
Pirates of the Carribean
Star Wars on DVD
Tech, the Dark Side
Griddlecakes Radio
Gizmo Project
Geek Acres, the Website
The Shapes


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This week I talk about one of my favorite guilty pleasures.  Its silly, I know.  But I like it.  ALSO, that sucking sound you hear, is me entering Second Life.  Take that as you will.  And then there's the fact that I really miss Battlebots.  We get into it all on this week's show.  Thanks for checking it out.

Tokyo Drift
Second Life
Vista Print
The Shapes

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Some low level-geeky fun.  The web site is slowly taking shape over at Google Pages.  You may have heard the tale, but I wonder how you wrap a fighter plane for shipping ?  All of this, and a ground breaking, historical event on this week's show.  So pour yourself a bowl of Captain Crunch.  We're heading for Geek Acres,


E-bay Deal
Scooby Again
Nextel Fan View
Jason Palmer, Sci Fi Artist
The Shapes
Love ya mom
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