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Spring is here, so its back to the mowing.  In between all of the grass cutting I manage to squeak in news about The Transformers, an e-commerce site without peer, and a Joss flavored convention coming to Pennsylvania.  Break out the weed whackers kids, its podcast time.

The Transformers

Waterproof Laptop


So much e-mail, so much SPAM

Moonlight Rising

The TriMag

The new Shapes Video

The UPDATED Geek Acres Home Page

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Thanks for some great feedback this past week.  I enjoyed hearing from everybody !  On tap for this final week of April, we'll talk about the Kingdom Hearts series, the upcoming Star Trek movie, and how you can clean up around the house while earning yourself an iPod.  Its spring cleaning with a geeky twist on this week's show. 

The new Star Trek Movie
Google's Artistic Side
Trading CD's for iPods
The Atom
Geek Acres at Google Pages
The Shapes
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Ok, as promised...  here's what I'm digging right now, Podcast wise.  Nearly all of them are available via iTunes.  The rest certainly should sought out fairly easily.  Anyone say Google ?  As they appear in my podcatcher's listing:

  1. Lynne's SF News Vidcast
  2. MSR: No Holds Barred
  3. Amazon Wire
  4. Ask A NInja Vidcast
  5. Beer Drinking with the Dragon Page Wingin It
  6. BLARM
  7. Chris Evans - The Best Bits
  8. Escape Pod
  9. Firefly Talk
  10. Galactica Sitrep
  11. Gamer: The Podcasting
  12. Geek Corps Radio
  13. Geek Fu Action Grip
  14. Geek Rules
  15. Geek Brief TV Vidcast
  16. I Should Be Writing
  17. Infection - A Podcast Novel
  18. Inside the Magic
  19. Inside the Net
  20. Mouse Guest Weekly
  21. Wait, Wait...  Don't Tell Me
  22. Premiere Magazine LIVE
  23. Psycheology
  24. The whole darn Radio Leo stream
  25. Sci Fi Channel - Battlestar Galactica
  26. Slice of SciFi
  27. Strongbad Email Vidcast
  28. Sturgeon's Law
  29. THAWTS
  30. The Fried Geek Podcast
  31. The SG Show
  32. The Signal
  33. The Weekly Geek
  34. Thing A Week
  35. Total Podcastrophe

There are some weeks that not everybody gets the love they should, but podcasts have taken over my daily commute and some of my "alone time" at work.  I love my iPod.  :-)

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If you live in the US, hope you got your taxes in on time.  This week I'm ranting on recess.  Can you believe that some ogre somewhere believes that re-channeling the 20 minutes of recess each day will make some sort of collossal difference in the school day ?!?!?  Besides that, there's Kiefer Sutherland, a cool crossover vehicle, and Easter Eggs in this week's edition of the show.  Enjoy, everybody !


Rescuing Recess
The Sentinel
The VW GX-3
Easter Eggs
The Shapes
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A mixed bag this week with Geek Dads going head to head with 80's VG music.  Download the show now.  You'll be glad you did.

Sturgeon's Law

Fried Geek

Total Podcastrophe

Sudoku Game

Han Solo

Blue Wizard is About to Die

Overclocked Remixes


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Well, well, well...  here we are with episode 25.  This week we briefly revisit the afterschool hours of my youth, talk about some stormtrooper action, and I let you in on a great Star Trek contest.  You may win a Time Travel Box Set if you listen to this week's episode of Geek Acres !




IMPS the Relentless
Johnny Soko
Sturgeon's Law
Eclipse Magazine Contest

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