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After school anime caught my attention this week. So we'll talk about Oxygum, the G-Force, and that wacky wave motion gun. I think somebody bumped the thermostat in the big blue room. Can Spring be far behind ?

Marine Boy
Star Blazers
Battle of the Planets
The Countdown ?
Wireless Pay Pal
Lynne's Sci Fi Video Podcast
The Shapes on CD Baby

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This week we talk about battling junk mail. Also, some fun with The Simpsons and a funky set of sneaks. Plus: Jewel Staite, Battlestar Galactica, and a musical number ?!?!? It can only happen hear, so download the show and put on your dancin shoes !

Movie Theater Disconnect
Hi Fi Hi Tops
The Simpsons on Sky
Flash Forward
The Shapes on CD Baby

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A tip of the hat to some podcasts I enjoy. Sure you know about TWIT, but do you know about BLARM ? Its a No Holds Barred look at some podcasts that are worth your time on this weeks double deuce installment of the Gamma Alpha.

No Holds Barred on MSR
Gamer, The Podcasting
The Shapes on CD Baby

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Its been a fantastically strange week. What do iTunes, The Signal, and a listener from England have in common ? They all rocked my world this week. PLUS, a new MP3 player and a sure fire bet from the bin. Download episode 21 now. Hey ! We're legal. :-)

The Signal
iPod Mini finds a new home
Hey, they could be UPS if they really WANTED to
NBC Gets It, ABC might, too
Gamer, the Podcasting
Older Version
Peter David in The Bin
The Shapes on CD Baby

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