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Well, well, well... for the last show in February we dig into misheard lyrics and some fun at the Sci Fi channel. Plus Ninjas, Magic, and the latest at Google. It just wouldn't be a party without The Shapes, right ? Don't forget kids. This time next week. Ultraviolet will be in theaters ! Ka-ching.

Misheard Lyrics at Am I Right ?
Bad Lyrics are better at Kiss This Guy
They've got a TV network, a magazine and The Ghost Hunters, gotta love Sci Fi
Ask A Ninja
Now THAT's a ride
Pimp My Manna Online
Color me Googled
Smokey and the Bandit, or Smoke & Mirrors
The Shapes on CD Baby

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In the shadow of The Great American Race, I humbly present, episode nineteen. Warning, this episode may not be work friendly, as I describe the untimely demise of an MP3 player. Seriously ! It might make you cry. Also, Steve Jobs and old school video games. Download, enjoy, and share with your friends.

Lady Lara
Retro Gaming Online
Steve Jobs
The Shapes on CD Baby

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So its business as usual this week. We talk about Newsvine, the recent iPod news, and a cell phone e-mail making the rounds. Plus, some news about my recent entry into the iTunes directory.

Hot Games of '06 ?
iPod Price Drop
Next Gen at Amazon
Game Addict Hotline
Flash Wristband
Olympics Facts
Cell Phone 411
The Shapes on CD Baby

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Another cool week. Another 25 minute show. This week, Ultraviolet blows me away. We also talk E-Cards and Mickey gone wireless. Plus, part two of our interview with Cali Lewis of Geek Brief. She lets us in on her current entertainment in books and film. Oh, and if you are coming our way thanks to iTunes... WELCOME !!!

Ultraviolet Trailer
E-Card Comeback ?
Harry Potter
Buffy, Once More
Time Stops for No Mouse
Star's Hollow Podcast
Escape Pod
The Shapes on CD Baby
My Pal Mickey

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