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This week is very cool. First off its the longest show yet, but as I promised from the get-go, still under that 30 minute mark. And how cool is this... She was featured on Podcast Pickle, is making the move to Club Curry, and I've got her. This week we go one on one with Geek Brief's Cali Lewis. Part one of the interview talk about the Video Podcast. Next week, what's Cali like to do when the lights go down ? For more, read on gentle listener !

Gizmo Project
The Terminal
Ipods and Ebay
Gaming with the Kidz
The Crappy Christian Show
Geek Brief TV
The Shapes on CD Baby
The Shapes

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Wow, do I go on this week or what ? Its a great show with me moving from topic to topic rather disjointedly and yet with great passion. Lynda Carter, On Star on the cheap, and new episodes of Firefly. Don't believe me ??? Check out this week's jam packed episode and then let's talk.

Foamy, baby. FOAMY !!!
Freshwater aquariums on Yahoo
Next Gen: Lessons
Sharper Image Piano
Wonder Woman: Fausta
Keyless Entry via Phone ?
Dallas SWAT
The Shapes

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How big a geek am I ? Well that's part of this week's discussion along with kick butt babes and some e-mail. Thanks for checking in this week !

Ipod Jeans from Levis
Geek Brief with Cali Lewis
The SciPhi Show
Wonder Woman Season 1
Internet in the Air
Arcade Advance in the Bin
The Shapes

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This week is chock full-o-Geek Goodies. There's the good - a recently discovered vidcast. The bad - antipiracy efforts gone wild. And the Funny - Snopes would be proud. Whatever you do, don't miss this week's episode.

G4, or is it Spike 2
Geek Brief with Cali Lewis
Sturgeon's Law
Alias, Nightingale
Coaster Radio
The Shapes

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A new year with new challenges. Including the quest for color. Happy aught six everyone.

Girls Gone Tech
Video in 06
Geek Fu Action Grip
The changing face of the DVD
Rolling Ads
The Shapes

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