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Hope everyone's having a nice holiday. This week we take a look at the new Narnia film. NASA is going to Pluto, with a brief side trip to Pluto ? And the Vampires duke it out in January. We've got lots of good stuff on this final '05 episode of Geek Acres.

Narnia Movie
Atari Flashback
The Dragon Page
NASA goes to Pluto
Underworld Sequel
The Shapes

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A Microsoft update ? Say it ain't so. Intel races into a BMW partnership. And a movie to avoid at all costs. Happy Holidays !

Microsoft Update
The Signal
Gryphons Guide
Intel and BMW
Bin There: RPM
The Shapes

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I've been out tree hunting with my family this week, and it shows. But neither rain, nor snow, nor foggy of throat will keep this podcaster from his rounds. Not with Christmas and Show Ten just around the corner. This week's show is all about pushpins and the triangle, robots and Christmas lights.

Geek Acres Frappr Map
X-Men 3
The Triangle
Gold Farmers
Escape Pod
Roomba's Big Brother
Kodak's digital picture gizmo
Christmas Lights
The Shapes

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Want to win an actual prop from the upcoming movie THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE ? Want a chance to win an Ipod ? Want a chance to learn all about the upcoming movie ?!? Than don't miss this week's edition of Slice of Sci Fi. Michael and Evo give their listeners a chance to win cool stuff this week. Don't miss OUT !!!

The Chronicles of Narnia
Michael and Evo's Slice of Sci Fi Podcast
The Shapes

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Its all about the toys this week. I geek out and imagine what the cool kids will find in their stocking this year. From Robotic Dinosaurs to pens that multiply. AND... I do a 180 on the whole holiday lights thing. Don't write Santa till you've checked out this week's episode.

Star Wars Battlefront II
The Fly Pentop Computer
Sit Ubu, Sit
The Sci Phi Show
Sturgeon's Law Podcast
The Shapes

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