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Show 007 is a bit shorter this week. Too much tripta... tryptha... I was sleepy cause of the Turkey. But there are some good things. A thanks to the Sturgeon's Law podcast, some twinkle lights, and an e-mail from J Edgar Hoover ??? I know it sounds bizarre... so check it out now. Can you believe the year is nearly over ? Wow.

The Triangle
WTF ? Katamari
Cya Syd
Gryphon's Guide
Holly Jolly Holiday Lights
FBI E-mail
Sturgeon's Law Podcast
Coaster Radio Podcast
The Shapes

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The work of CS Lewis has me amazed once again. Also... tracking the Almighty Dollar, a Star Trek Communicator of my very own, and DVD's through the mail make a showing. And someone(or multiple someones) has been doing some evangelizing on behalf of the show. My sincerest thanks for spreading the word.

The Chronicles of Narnia
Where's George ?
The Disc is in the Mail
Gryphon's Guide
Mur Lafferty's Geek Fu Action Grip
Movies You Should See Podcast
The Star Trek Communicator Phone
James Bond via John Gardner
The Shapes

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LD Planet's Successor, Helping the Earth's Future, and Street Racing on the PS2 are on my mind this week. Also... Bin There Done That, a new feature I'm trying and E-mailing the future. And congratulations to Rick & Sarah !!! Thanks for checking out this week's show.

Jump Day
Dragon Page
E-mail Time Capsule
Gryphon's Guide
Need For Speed Underground
The Shapes

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We're getting animated in this episode of Geek Acres. We look at web animation sites 8 Legged and Red Versus Blue. Anime music videos, too. Plus podcasts by Lironbot and Most People are DJ's. We round things out with some Disney info. Its no wonder people feel DRAWN to this week's cast.

Deep Fried Live
Red Versus Blue
Anime Music Videos
Hello Anime
Most People Are DJs
Chicken Little
Chicken Little in 3D
The Rescuers Rumor
The Shapes

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Geek Acres now has a map to track our listeners. Make a splash, and post your home town. Don't forget, next week's show will be rather animated. Join us for that, won't you ?

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