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In this episode of Geek Acres we get our groove on. Also of interest... What's Doug listening to, an 80's icon, and listener e-mail.

Six Drummers
Magellan GPS
5 Questions Podcast
Escape Pod
Odd Couple Review
Swiffer Wet Jet
The Shapes

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Its NOT a tumor !!! (Its a podcast)
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...its not that easy being green.
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In this episode of Geek Acres we talk about the ins and outs of listening to a podcast. Also of interest... Seaquest DSV, TV on your phone, and Helping Hands.

Michael and Evo's Slice of SciFi
Mur Lafferty's Geek Fu Action Grip
Nimiq Podcatcher
Creative MuVo MP3 Player
IRock MP3 FM Transmitter
Seaquest DSV
The Signal Podcast
Samsung TV Phone
Snopes Helping Hands
The Shapes

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In this episode of Geek Acres we talk about lessons learned in podcasting. Also of interest... Serenity Swag, Free Ipods, and Cars That Stink.

The Shapes
Soul Blade
Soul Calibur 3
Out to the Black Outfitters
Big Red Button
Quotable Whedon
Fan Done Bracelet
Wash-O-Saurus Bracelet
Biometric ATMs
Myth Busters
Snopes Smelly Car

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In the debut episode of Geek Acres we get music from The Shapes and talk about how supporting the Red Cross can do good things for everyone. I also share my thoughts on Serenity and the GBA Micro. And this week's goodies on storm clouds at Snopes.

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